About the Company & Our Products:

TopGrade Products INC. is a major leader in Import & Wholesale of general merchandise. We provide high quality products with good price to 99 Cents, Discounts and Dollar Stores, Pharmacy, Supermarket. We are a 99 cent store wholesaler with over 15 years of experience that located in NEW YORK. 
Because of our relationship directly with factories (and not through other trading companies), not only are our prices lower than our competition, but also you can be rest assured our quality and package design is also exceptional. In addition, we also have offices in China that allow for quality control of our products before they leave for the U.S. All our products had passes various tests. All our customers will get the best service and all the orders will be shipped as soon as possible. Choosing TopGrade as your supplier will help a lot for your business.
TopGrade Products is heavily experienced with general merchandise and have our own branded lines of:
- Stationary + School supplies
- Backpacks, Suitcases, and Travel Bags
- Garden tools, Flower Pots, and Seeds
- Summer Essentials (Coolers, Light Fluid, BBQ accessories)
- Summer Sandals, sunglasses, hats
- Beach Essentials (Lawn chairs, Inflatable pools, Beach toys)
- Toys
- Flowers and Decorative Plants
- Home Supplies (Brooms / Mops / Doormats/ Mirrors / Blankets & Bedsheets)
- Bath Items (Mats, Shower Curtains, Utensils & Brand Name Cleaning Supplies)
- Kitchen Supplies (Utensils, Mugs, Towels, Melamin Plates & Bowls)
- Sewing Kit & Accessories
- Hair Accessories
- Clothing (Belts, Sundresses, Dresses, Sportswear)
- Hardware Supplies & Garbage Bags
- Party Accessories (Table covers, disposable plates and utensils, balloons, party favors
- Gift Bags (All sizes custom designed for Everday, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Weddings and much more)
- Balloons
- Seasonal + Holiday Items (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine‚Äôs Day, Easter, etc)